• Rev. Kathy Fisher

Service to a Congregation and Community

Dear Friends,

It is with great joy that I share that Bishop Graves has appointed me for this next year to continue serving this wonderful congregation and community! I am so excited about the many ways we are seeking to work together to serve God and our community.

One of those ways I am imagining is a “Community Fun Day,” where we may meet some of our neighbors and break bread with them. It could be everything from grilling hotdogs and fixing food, painting faces, enjoying kids in a jumping house, making snow cones, maybe even some live music on the grounds. We would need a great group of volunteers to help make that dream a success, but I believe it would be a nice way to reach out to our neighbors. Going out into the world to share God’s love and the good news of Jesus Christ is what we are called to do, and beginning in our own backyard is a great place to start!

I would also like to encourage everyone to get back into the habit of coming to church to worship and to serve. As many of our members get older, it is difficult to always find enough folks to serve, but God needs each of us to step up and reach out! If you have not found a spot where God can use you yet, call me…I’ll help you find your special niche. Even if you think you have nothing to offer, think again. You’d be surprised how often the exact “special skill” needed is just a smile and a loving embrace as we share Christ’s love with one another.

I am so very happy to be starting my first full year as your pastor. I would like us to come together to share our visions and dreams for God’s Kingdom and how we are being called to do our part in fulfilling that vision. Continue to love each other, encourage each other, and pray for each other as you seek God’s will.

With Love,

Pastor Kathy

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