• Rev. Kathy Fisher

Opportunities to Serve the Church and Community


Dear Friends,

I am looking forward to a great Fall season as we seek ways to increase our outreach programs, especially with the beginning of a new school year. Our Nominations and Leadership Development Committee has begun meeting for the task of finding church members to serve in roles and positions of leadership. Please be in prayer for this and consider where your gifts and graces could be used best, and then answer yes when they call!

We have a need for volunteers to work with our youth and children as we restart some programs. We especially need a Sunday School class for our children and are looking for some exciting youth group times too. Also, after meeting with Mr. Dwight Brooks, the principal at Dannelly Elementary School, he shared that they could really use some volunteers to help with getting the children in and out of cars in the morning and afternoon in the car line. Does that sound like a way you could help and show how we care about our community?

Our music director, Angie Mitchell, is planning to resume choir practice this month on Wednesdays, AND hand-bell choir practice on Sundays, so all you “ding-a-lings” pull out your gloves and dust off your bells. We have a lot of exciting opportunities on the horizon for lively worship!

I had mentioned in an earlier newsletter about imagining a “Community Fun Day,” where we could meet some of our neighbors and break bread with them, grilling hotdogs, making snow cones, painting faces, having a jumping house for the kids, maybe even some live music on the grounds. We would need a great group of volunteers to help make that dream a success, but I believe it would be a fantastic way to reach out to our neighbors and let the community know that we are still here and we are a loving, welcoming church! If you think you could help this dream become a reality, then please talk with me! We would want to do this in the Fall as the weather begins to cool some.

Please consider whether God may be calling you to serve in any of these ways, because sharing God’s love and the good news of Jesus Christ in our own backyard is a great place to start!

With love,

Pastor Kathy

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