• Rev. Kathy Fisher

Good News about the Master's Power

Dear Friends,

When you receive this newsletter, we may still be journeying through Holy Week, which began with Palm Sunday on March 28th, as our choir processed into the sanctuary waving palms and singing Hosannas!

At 7:00 p.m. on Good Friday, we will all be able to log on to a community Stations of the Cross service, for which I will send the link to you that day. I am proud to say that this service was put together by the pastors of Aldersgate, Dalraida, Metropolitan, Perry Hill, and Whitfield United Methodist Churches.

On Sunday, April 4th, we will celebrate as we greet one another as Easter People!! The Easter message is truly good news, gospel for us. It is good news about the power of God, the power of good over evil, of life over death, of hope over despair, of love over hate. It is truly good news about our Master’s power! My prayer is that you and your families will celebrate with many “Alleluias, Jesus Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!!”

As we move into April, I invite you to join us each Sunday after Easter as we take some time in worship to learn about a wonderful opportunity for global mission. Our Alabama-West Florida Conference has been partnering with Tanzania for over a decade. We will hear more about this opportunity as we join together with Wesley College in Tanzania, and meet some of the college students and staff there. They will be the recipients of our Missional Giving for Annual Conference this year. I hope you will be excited to join in because by coming together with other churches across the U.S., we can form the next generation of faith-driven leaders for Tanzania!! Look for Nancy Pugh’s article in this newsletter for more information about this exciting time!

I hope you are as excited as I am about how God can work in us, among us, and through us! Let’s continue to step up and step out as the hands and feet of Christ in the world!

With love,


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