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Christmas at Whitfield

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Greetings to each of you, my dear friends, during this wonderful season of Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas! It truly is one of the most hopeful periods of the year as we are able affirm God’s grace and goodness to a hurting world. This season proclaims the comings of Christ – whose birth we prepare to celebrate once again, who comes continually in the Word and Spirit, and whose return in final victory we anticipate.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 19th when our Choir will be presenting “Christmas Canticles”, their Christmas Cantata during worship. Their beautiful music will be a celebration of our Bethlehem Babe’s arrival! I also want to invite you and your loved ones and guests to our Candlelight Holy Communion Service on Christmas Eve, Friday, December 24, at 4:30 pm. This beautiful and magical experience brings us right into the core of the birth of Jesus and reminds us of what we have been given in him. It solidifies our

faithfulness, our compassion, our sense of witness and wonder, and our resolve to serve in Christ-like ways. And it does all this while we are in the midst of the family of God, our brothers and sisters in Christ. Please be with us then.

It is hard to believe that another year is about to end on the calendar and a new one awaits, but I am excited about what God may be doing through and for our church in 2022. Be ready to help us launch a great year here soon! I wish every one of you the most fulfilling Christmas ever. I am so honored to be spending my 2nd one with you. You make it better each time. I love you for that and for so much more!

Merry, merry Christmas, one and all! Let us keep the glow of Christmas in our hearts and the truth of the

manger on our lips, as we journey together through Advent and Christmas and throughout the year.

With love,

Pastor Kathy

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