• Rev. Kathy Fisher

Changes in Whitfield Administrative Office

November, 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I want to thank everyone who shared cards, gifts, and messages of appreciation, love, and encouragement with me for Pastor Appreciation Month. I truly felt loved and appreciated! As I write this article for the November newsletter, I am sitting in my office a couple days before my knee replacement surgery on Oct. 21st, with the beautiful prayer shawl around my shoulders, which was bestowed upon me in worship on October 17th. I feel wrapped in the prayers of you all, and will continue to wrap myself in this throughout my recovery and beyond!

As many of you know, Marty Lanier retired from her many years of working for the Alabama state government in different positions, only to find that God was calling her to use her abilities as church secretary for Whitfield UMC. She has faithfully served 3 different pastors with 3 different styles, and has endured all of this in the midst of a pandemic! I am very grateful for Marty’s service and all the help she has offered me in my first year here. I know you join me in giving thanks for her and wishing her well as she finally gets to enjoy her retirement for good!

We have hired Miss Kendall Betts to take over the responsibilities of church secretary and she will begin November 1st. Kendall is a student at AUM and is studying Business Administration and Marketing. She is a lovely young Christian woman with an impressive resume’. Marty will help her get acquainted with our systems and structure for her first week and then she will be on her own. Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself to Kendall and let Marty know how much you have appreciated her faithful service.

I am looking forward to being back with you in worship on November 7th as we celebrate Holy Communion on All Saints Sunday, and recognize those saints of our congregation who have gone on to glory in the last year. Our Charge Conference also will take place that afternoon in our sanctuary at 2:00 pm. Our Nominations and Leadership Committee has already put forth their recommendations for leadership, which was approved by the Church Council at their last meeting, and they will be made official at our Charge Conference. These new leaders will take their positions as of January 1, 2022, but may certainly “shadow” their outgoing counterparts in the next two months to have a better understanding of their responsibilities. Please be in prayer for all of the leaders of our church, that God’s wisdom will direct us as we discern God’s will for Whitfield UMC.

And finally, as we move toward Thanksgiving this month, let us all be thankful to God for the many blessings we receive each day, and let us seek ways to offer blessings to others through our time, our service, and our love.

Peace and Blessings,

Pastor Kathy

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