Called to Contemplate God's Power to Transform

Rev. Kathy Fisher Letter February 2021

My dear friends,

February finds us moving from the Sundays after the Epiphany of the Wise Men, regarding Jesus’ identity and divinity, to the Transfiguration of Christ on a mountaintop with Moses and Elijah. The celebration of Transfiguration Sunday on Feb. 14th this year marks the transition from Jesus’ ministry of teaching and healing in Galilee to his ministry of sacrifice in Jerusalem as we journey to the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17th this year. Transfiguration Sunday is a time to focus on God’s gracious will and power to transform and transfigure all humanity. Ash Wednesday is a day of penitence, a time of returning to the Lord, as we prepare to claim a genuine recovery of the wholeness of the Paschal Mystery and a deeper sense of what it is to be the church, the people of God.

Because of information reported 2 weeks ago by the CDC regarding the multiple variants of COVID-19 circulating globally, some of which spread more easily and quickly and have been found in the United States and now even in Montgomery County, we are not ready to resume our in-person worship at this time. We pray the vaccines will be more readily available soon and that we may be able to resume our in-person worship by Easter.

In the meantime, as we wait patiently, during this upcoming Lenten season, we can contemplate God’s power to transform and transfigure humanity, and see how we are called to work alongside God in that endeavor as the people of God. Perhaps, we can share our own faith stories of how we have been lifted out of times of darkness by a God who loves us so much that we are never left alone. As we have opportunities to share our stories and our lives with one another, I believe God’s deep and abiding love for each of us will become so apparent that others’ lives will be transformed and transfigured in such meaningful ways that our new friends will become our new brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us strive to achieve this and so much more through our Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit through whom we are empowered!

With love,


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