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  • Rev. Kathy Fisher

As People Who Love God - Dream Dreams for our Kids

From the Pastor’s Desk August 2021

Dear Friends,

As our summer begins to close in preparation for school starting shortly, I pause to reflect on how much we have accomplished in repairs to our facility, and in preparations for our big rummage sale! There has been so much going on and so many wonderful people volunteering their time and services to make things happen! Volunteers are the ones who keep the doors of our churches open and who are the hands and feet of Christ. We are very blessed to have so many wonderful volunteers here at Whitfield UMC!

Speaking of volunteers, with September on the horizon, it is time for the Nominations and Leadership Committee to meet to begin the yearly process of finding godly servants to serve in positions of leadership for this church, as we seek to do God’s will and share the gos-pel of Jesus Christ. This Committee recently needed to fill vacancies and recommended the nomination of Gene and Tommi Holsenbeck as Co-Chairpersons of the Church Council, and Rodney Blankenship as Finance Chairperson. Our Church Council met on July 25th and approved these nominations. We are truly grateful for these servants’ willingness to take on the important responsibilities of leading our church forward in these coming years. I ask that you prayerfully consider where you might serve your church family and call me to share that good news! If nothing springs to mind, then trust that God will use you in a way you’ve possibly never even considered. My prayer is that when someone from the Nominations and Leadership Committee contacts you in the coming weeks with a request to serve, you will prayerfully consider the position and be able to answer yes! Yes, Lord, use me as you see fit. There is much to be done.

There are many social influences, media entertainment, technological inventions and opportunities on the Web that are destroying kids today by appealing to young people’s most corrupt desires. I believe it is up to us to offer them more, to offer them God.

I want to encourage us as people who love God to dream dreams for our kids. We can help them decide if they will be entertainment oriented or service-to-others oriented. Will they appease the flesh and desire the next thing to engage and engross them, or will they be those young men and women who are willing to lay down their lives as a sacrifice for others? As we dream for our kids, we must teach them how to think critically and how to grow in their relationship with the Lord. Not only must we be the dreamers, but we must also teach our kids to be the dreamers for their own generation. They will become the leaders who will soon determine the culture of America. We can help them see how God can use them to change their generation and make a difference in the world. As a fellow pastor, Rev. Annie Arnoldy, said, “We are the ones who dream and the ones who believe God works alongside us in turbulent and transformative times.”

On Sunday, August 15th we will have a Blessing of the Backpacks during our worship service. We invite all of our school-aged and college-aged kids along with their parents, and all of our school teachers and employees (active and retired) to come forward as we pray for them and their success this coming year. I encourage you to be in prayer for the children of our nation and our teachers in schools across this country. May God continue to bless us all and hold us close.

With love,

Pastor Kathy

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