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  • Rev. Kathy Fisher

A Lovely New Month

Dear friends,

As usual, February finds us continuing through the Sundays after the Epiphany of the Wise Men

regarding Jesus’ identity and divinity and then moving toward the Transfiguration of Christ on a

mountaintop with Moses and Elijah. The celebration of Transfiguration Sunday on Feb. 27th

marks the transition from Jesus’ ministry of teaching and healing in Galilee to his ministry of

sacrifice in Jerusalem as we journey to the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday, March 2nd this

year. Transfiguration Sunday is a time to focus on God’s gracious will and power to transform

and transfigure all humanity.

As we contemplate God’s power to transform and transfigure humanity, and recognize that we

are called to work alongside God in that endeavor as the people of God, we have the wonderful

opportunity to meet with our Alabama-West Florida Conference Director of Congregational

Development and Vitality, Rev. Bill Kierce, on Sunday, February 13th ! We will finish worship and

transition right into meeting with Rev. Kierce in the sanctuary. He will lead and guide us in

conversation about how we may grow our congregation, what options may be available, and

what changes we may want to consider as we strive to be all that God calls us to be. I want to

encourage everyone to come for this important time to share our thoughts and ideas, hopes

and dreams for Whitfield Memorial UMC, as we open our hearts and our minds to God’s

leading through the Holy Spirit. Rev. Kierce has worked with many churches and has a lot of

experience in these matters, and he expects the meeting to last approximately 90 minutes.

Therefore, we will shorten our worship by 5-10 minutes and will plan to meet from 10:45-

12:15. Please make every effort possible to be in attendance and be in prayer as we discern

God’s will for us as a church.

As of this writing, the Montgomery-Prattville District Conference is scheduled to be held on

Sunday, February 27th from 3-5 pm at Trinity UMC in Prattville. It was originally scheduled for

last month but was pushed into February with the hope that Covid infections will have slowed

down by the end of this month. There will be a short devotion and then voting on the district

budget and some District leadership positions, as well as electing At-Large Members of the AWF

Annual Conference. All are invited, especially those voting members from each church, which

include our Lay Leader, Church Council Co-Chairs, SPRC Chair, Finance Chair, Trustee Chair, and

a Youth Representative. After voting, there will be a brief time of fellowship as we move into

break-out groups for workshops.

Enough talk about meetings! Who’s up for a good rummage sale? WE ARE! And it is going to be

scheduled sometime in August or September, so start cleaning out your attics, garages, and

closets. Sale items can be stored at the church so pricing can begin prior to set-up. A big Thank

You goes out to all who made last year’s sale so great. We raised over $6000. We have other

ideas on the horizon for fundraising also so stay tuned! And stay ready to always share the love

of Christ with others!

Love from Pastor Kathy

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